Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm with L-oco

So here I am, a couple of days removed from the final broadcast of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and it's still a sad situation.

Kudos for Conan for a great final show and his positive spin on things, I especially enjoyed his remarks on cynicism. There's a fine line between sarcasm and cynicism, and cynicism continually crosses that line these days, or at least blurs it.

I started a blog, just to get things off my chest, whether anyone reads it or not isn't the point really, but everyone's got something to say, it's just nice to keep a record of our thoughts.

I will say though, speaking of having something to say, that I have mixed feelings about the "I'm with Coco" campaign that has taken the internet and media by storm these past couple of weeks.

It started out as a show of support for Conan, and you can tell when he speaks of it that it really is overwhelming to him.

Now, in light of Conan's remarks on cynicism, I can't help but wonder what Conan thinks of a portion of his supporters now. With his tenure now over, it has given fans time to reflect-and bash Jay Leno.

Sure, that was always going on, but this is the kinda stuff that Conan doesn't want, and certainly doesn't condone.

You're free to think how you want, but come on, Conan has got new things in the works, how about everyone else?

The subject of my first blog concerns this situation and now, it's more of the same stuff.

We have had enough problems over the years getting along, whether it's disagreements with others over race, religion, sexual preference, politics, etc.

Now we have moved past some of these issues (somewhat) it's 2010 and we're dividing ourselves on the issues of late night talk show hosts.

Do I really have to choose?

Do I really have to be a Leno supporter, or a Conan-ite?

Do I automatically support EVERYONE except Leno if I like Conan?

Bottom line is I'm really starting to get annoyed with some of these "supporters" who are the cynics that Conan isn't.

In September, Conan will be on another network, no one's sure where just yet, I'll check him out, just as I will Leno, Letterman and whoever else I feel like, but to cut one or two people out of the picture out of some show of "support" is a dumb ass move in my book.

There's not much enjoyable television these days, enjoy what you can, and only after you truly move on, should you follow Conan wherever he moves.

More To Come

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