Thursday, December 22, 2011

Workin' for a Livin'

There's a study out that says that the younger workforce employees(Gen 'Y') are willing to work for less pay in exchange for more flexible hours. LESS PAY. This no doubt pleases employers who like to have people working all the damn time. I know most people don't have the guts to stand up to their bosses and this is a supposed "demand" of theirs?

Now as of right now this is becoming a trend at insurance companies and such, but we love to follow trends in America, so how long before you have businesses running 24 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. Especially those trying to keep their head above water, making a wave when they can? Only after it becomes obvious they are falling apart will the workload ease up.

Look, I'm not lazy, but I'm of the belief that unless it's an emergency, or you're a doctor, cop etc. 8 hours is good enough for a work day. You wanna work overtime? Fine. Volunteer, otherwise leave me the f*** alone after my shift is up and I'll see you again tomorrow. Weekends and holidays? No thanks, but the younger generation(which will be replaced by an even younger generation) is willing to work for less pay and odd hours.

Those hours work out well for them I guess, but still, are these people going to go home and play with their baby at 2 in the morning or something?

I think it's a mistake frankly. Be careful what you "demand"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas?)

The title of this blog is actually the name of an old Elton John B side, but it felt right for this title as it involves both Christmas & Thanksgiving.

This blog is about the horrible trend of businesses and Black Friday sales, and more importantly when these sales start.

They get earlier and earlier every year til we're at the point that the earliest Black Friday sale now begins at 9 pm (Central time) @ Toys'R'Us where a kid can be a kid and an employee can get screwed out of a holiday like every other person that works in retail.

It's a shame, and there finally seems to be some backlash.

4 a.m. seemed to be the "normal" starting hour for years, but one retail giant decided that wasn't good enough. One retail giant that is number 1 and for all intent purposes will remain #1, while the others are only competitors. Wal Mart. Wal Mart has been calling the shots for years and everyone else follows their lead in an attempt to catch up, at their employees expense.

Hell almost every Wal Mart is 24 hours anyway now, but you used to be able to count on holidays.

Not so anymore, now they start their sales at 10 p.m. (Again, Central-I find it underrated) in order to sell more items.

On top of all this, people like to complain about how we go right from Halloween to Christmas and skip Thanksgiving. I'd like to know how many of them will be lined up at 10 P.M. that night to get the latest must have deals for the holidays. So don't give me that crap, you should think about the employees who have to put up with fighting, complaining and what have you, just to make a few extra bucks which probably isn't worth it in the end for all the hell they go through.

So, if you're worried about Thanksgiving losing it's meaning and have ever worked in retail, or even walked into a store and thought "Christ, I'm glad I don't have to do this for a living" then STAY HOME on Thanksgiving night. Don't worry about that must have deal on a TV that will be obsolete by New Year's day. get up and go at a decent hour the next morning. Don't let the ads dictate how you're going to spend your day. Show the stores that you don't like how their staff is being treated. True, some may choose to work that night to get some extra money, but in this economy, really how far are you going to go with it? Do the math.

The stores won't suffer a damn bit. A little hint for those who have never worked retail: Stores base their decisions mainly on trends and where they were the same time last year, and for a lot of these stores, they weren't open this early last year, so this is extra money here. Once they look back next year and say "Shit, that was a waste" then eventually people will get their holiday back, and you won't have to set your clock to get up so damned early on a day you're lucky to even have off.

You and I, we don't owe this economy anything. We don't owe this nation our money or our time. They'll get it anyway, and when you think "Screw this guy, what does he know" put yourself in the employees position. think to yourself if you had to cut Thanksgiving dinner short, or have it the week before, because you have to go in that night and spend it with some unruly bunch of assholes that think you're responsible for everything that goes wrong. Hell, think about the videos(and I gurantee there will be some) of some guy getting trampled to death by shoppers. and then think about the fat cat CEOs and presidents that are sitting at home enjoying their dinner in their own home with the money you have given them and made their life possible-and the employees who did as well because of YOUR demand and are probably getting time and a half if they're lucky, and really, in this world, it doesn't mean shit. There's plenty of other days to work-all year long if you don't watch out, because Christmas will be next if you keep this shit up. Wait and see.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ain't That America

This blog is inspired by conversations I have been having with friends over the past few days and is a bit localized in nature, which is fine, since my 4 followers are from around here.

The big talk at this time in Ohio County involves the High School, the ag program and most importantly, MONEY.

Long story short, because you no doubt know the long and the short of the tale is the ag department is basically on the chopping block. Well, one position is, but it's a matter of time before it all goes the way of rural sitcoms on CBS.

Turns out that seemingly not enough kids are interested in farming in Ohio County, which is in Kentucky. What the fuck has happened here, and why do so many people like Farmville?

Yea the kids like to speak spanish now, so that's what the school is gonna give them MORE spanish, because speaking spanish helps you get to college and get a good job and leave town.

And why not leave town? Your old man's farm isn't good for shit anymore. Most farms aren't because we the people sold them to bigger companies and bigger wigs so we could get bigger, and any farmer worth their squash should be trying to kick themselves in the balls for doing it.

It's been said that farming isn't what it used to be, and apparently math isn't either, because this doesn't add up.

You take x amount of teaching positions and you want to add one, so that means you have to eliminate one, so how can the victim of this cut keep his job as he has been promised?

Right, he can't. Or it could be such a shit job that he wouldn't have it anyway, so everyone's happy right?

Well the powers that be are, and we'll get over it and some just don't care because they're as much of a farmer as Mr. Green Jeans.

The writing's on the wall for farming it seems. When you take a small community and claim they don't care about farming and take it away, then you are a slave to the corporation you sold out to, and believe me, someday soon you are going to wish you had some land to grow those tomatoes to share with family and friends and try to save what's left of your money.

I'm no expert, hell I didn't even take ag. But I understand the importance. People bitch about wanting people to give back to the community. Fruits and vegetables would be nice.

Interesting note: Word has it that kids sign up for ag and other classes and get spanish classes given to them anyway. No wonder the numbers are so uneven.

Look, I'm not blaming anyone around here. I'm sure in an ideal world and economy, the school would love to keep the ag class, the teachers and even have a band with more than 2 dozen kids in it, but when the powers that be are pulling the strings, their hands are no doubt tied to those strings.

As far as another spanish class goes, might I suggest you pick a teacher and teach chinese, then we could at least go over there and get our goddamn jobs back.

The End?

Friday, April 29, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! Superman Denounces U.S. Citizenship!

From the pages of Action Comics #900 comes the news that Superman has denounced his U.S Citizenship, as if that isn't surprising news in itself, the reasoning behind it really is, when faced with the reality of it all.

First, the reasoning from the comic itself: In a short story entitled "The Incident" which finds our hero getting grief from the President's national security advisor, who's pissed that Superman went to Tehran to support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime, which no doubt mirrors for the real-life protests in the Middle East. But, since Superman is viewed as an American icon, the Iranian government sees his actions as the will of the American President, and an act of war.

Comics for years have had storylines that reflect the times and this is no different.

Superman renounces his citizenship, but not America itself, he's just more global now.

And like it or not, this is a trend, but what is it a reflection of?

Superman claims he has been thinking "too small" and the world is more connected now, and it is, so he doesn't need to be tied down so to speak.

The world has gotten smaller thanks to the internet among other things, and not to get political, but maybe America alone isn't the force it once was because those times have simply passed.

"Going global" is a semi new catchphrase and it reminds us not to limit ourselves, but this is tricky when you look at America and patriotism. I'm not saying we're going to do away with Independence day, but what might happen years from now? Will we still sing the same National Anthem at ball games? The very notion that we might not seems preposterous, but I'm sure the idea that kids might not recite the pledge of allegiance in school seemed crazy as well at one time.

Maybe they won't change the meaning per se, but if they bring back the pledge, maybe it'll say "One world" instead of "Nation"

Another theory that I have is with a new Superman movie in the works, they want to make up for the mistakes of the last film, and of course make the most that they can with it at the box office, so in the tradition of G.I.Joe(the used to be Real American hero) and the soon to be released Captain(we're not going to shove patriotism down anyone's throats) America, then with this new film, Superman needs to be "global" although the Superman films weren't really overly patriotic, they now probably want to point out the fact that the film it isn't American at all.

And yet, the wars rage on...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What a day, man oh man am I pissed now.

There's an ordinance that is starting to be enforced strictly on strip clubs and it's essentially there to kill the industry in general. At least in Kentucky.

First of all, a note on strip clubs. Whether you appreciate the female form or not, strip clubs and even go-go dancers have been a part of most mens' lives for years and years. In some ways it's a rite of passage for a young man to hit his legal age and go out with the guys and drink a little, watch some ladies dance and lose all their ones, but have a hell of a fun time doing it.

No one gets hurt, if everyone plays nice, the club and the dancers make good money,

Where the music stinks, and they water the drinks, at the nudie bar.

Now that is about to become a thing of the past thanks to these "ordinances" which include:

Stopping ALL nude dancing

NO touching, direct tipping or lap dances

A 6 foot distance between dancers and patrons

And eventually cutting out alcohol sales and forcing employees to pay licensing fees

So what's the point in going?

Indeed what is the point and what is the problem all of a sudden?

Well they don't really say, but I'm sure it's an effort to "clean things up" and wring everyone dry of money before they throw them out on their collective asses.

Speaking as a man, I'm pissed and horrified at the same time. Speaking as a citizen, I am just horrified.

We've been losing out on a lot of stuff over the past few years, smoking, lousy eating habits, etc.

Granted things like eating healthy, not smoking, wearing seat belts are, at the end of the day all good habits to get into, but little by little, I notice that we as citizens cannot seem to please the powers that be and they come to us with other areas we need to improve in. And regulating strip clubs certainly isn't there to improve our health or lengthen our lives. In fact for some, it kinda makes things a little more boring.

It doesn't matter if you've ever set foot in a club or you've blown entire paychecks at one, this whole idea reeks and makes me wonder "What's next?"

In the future, after all the bad people have fallen in line, I can see restaurants being fined for serving food with too many calories.

I'm waiting for McRice cakes.

Notice they don't mess with alcohol though that much. Just sayin'

With all these restrictions, modifications, enforcements, regulations, etc. I can't help but worry and wonder what else we've been doing wrong all this time.

So enjoy what you can, while you can, because you never know what could be taken away next.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oscar Predictions

Ok,first of all I haven't seen or want to see any of the movies nominated. I just do not care. I think the only award winning pictures I've seen are "Network" and the "Wizard of Oz" and The Star Wars series if they won anything for special effects, I really don't know.

I watch a movie to be entertained, and if it doesn't look interesting in the commercial, then forget it.

The reason i'm doing some quick predictions is to see how a completely disinterested outsider fares against hard core movie buffs and critics, and I think this will be unique. So here goes...

1.Best actor-Colin Firth for "The King's Speech" I'm still shocked that that many people seemingly care about historic films. God knows we didn't care about it in high school. Makes you look good though, huh? Wonder if he'll stutter when picking up the award.

2. Best actress-Natalie Portman on buzz alone. I saw the 3 minutes I wanted to see of "Black Swan" I can't see sitting through the whole thing though. It's kinda like getting to sleep with the girl and not buying dinner. As an aside, I can't imagine anyone winning anything for "The Kids Are All Right" been out way too long.

3. Best Supporting actress. kinda tough. I'm thinking Amy Adams mainly cause I think she's cute. Yes, that's my basis here. She could lose out to the girl from "True Grit" though. That'd give the night a real Tatum O'Neal/Justin Bieber kinda feel.

4.Best Supporting Actor-Geoffrey Rush for "The King's Speech" He just will.

5. Best Director-Probably the guy that did "The King's Speech" Come on man, the biggest challenge is the FB movie. no offense.

6. Best Film-Again, "The King's Speech" it's more respectable than "The Social Network"

So anyway, that's my predictions. Again I don't care and I put little to no thought into this. If you love movies, fine. I'm not picking, just predicting I can pick some major winners with only commercials and a couple names out of Entertainment Weekly to get me by.

Just remember, it's not whether you win or lose, but it's that little sticker that says Nominee/Winner that will sell/rent hundred of thousands of dvds and then be forgotten by this time next year (Except The King's Speech")

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will that be paper or plastic or what???

It's a new year and I'm inundated with a lot of annoying little pieces of news. The latest is at least 3 "new" proposals brought to us involving plastic bags.

You know, the ones that groceries and major retailers have been providing us with for years ever since they decided it would be a better idea than paper.

Anyone remember how or when we stopped using paper in most grocery stores? I'm guessing it was the mid 90's when we stopped caring about "Earth Day" again. I didn't know there was an Earth Day til 1992 and after that I assumed it was a one time thing, because no one mentioned it again.

Maybe it when Wal Mart rose to prominence in the grocery department and "provided" us with plastic bags.

Now, there is a new proposed tax for those of us that dare use the plastic bags that major retailers are providing us. From three different states.

First up:Conecticut.
Sen. Ed Meyer has proposed a 5 cent tax on us for using plastic bags. Per bag. This would be used as a deterrent for us to inspire us to not use these bags that the store provides us and are so handy.

Washington D.C. already does this and it has helped raise money and the amount of people using plastic bags has dropped dramatically.

Good for them. So Mr. Meyer, you didn't come up with this on your own.

Same goes for Indiana. At least Oregon wants to ban them altogether and prevent taxes completely.

Look we all know that plastic is a problem, but what about those of us that recycle? That take our bags back to Wal Mart? Do I get a deposit back like I used to on glass bottles before they were replaced by plastic?

Look, I don't know what you consider America to be anymore, but I no longer think that this nation is above pushing their beliefs off on the rest of us.

If you don't want us to use plastic bags, QUIT MAKING THEM. Same with cigarettes. Just be done with it. It's what you really want, though I'm sure you'll enjoy these out of control heathens that insist on killing our environment with those plastic bags you set right at the edge of the check out counter and they pay a nickel apiece for them(which varies by state)

Or maybe, just maybe you can just order your stuff from Amazon and have it delivered in a big cardboard box. That way the state won't be bothered(or make any money either)

So make mine cardboard. I need to save back for my retirement, cause I know things aren't going to get any better at this ridiculous rate.