Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ain't That America

This blog is inspired by conversations I have been having with friends over the past few days and is a bit localized in nature, which is fine, since my 4 followers are from around here.

The big talk at this time in Ohio County involves the High School, the ag program and most importantly, MONEY.

Long story short, because you no doubt know the long and the short of the tale is the ag department is basically on the chopping block. Well, one position is, but it's a matter of time before it all goes the way of rural sitcoms on CBS.

Turns out that seemingly not enough kids are interested in farming in Ohio County, which is in Kentucky. What the fuck has happened here, and why do so many people like Farmville?

Yea the kids like to speak spanish now, so that's what the school is gonna give them MORE spanish, because speaking spanish helps you get to college and get a good job and leave town.

And why not leave town? Your old man's farm isn't good for shit anymore. Most farms aren't because we the people sold them to bigger companies and bigger wigs so we could get bigger, and any farmer worth their squash should be trying to kick themselves in the balls for doing it.

It's been said that farming isn't what it used to be, and apparently math isn't either, because this doesn't add up.

You take x amount of teaching positions and you want to add one, so that means you have to eliminate one, so how can the victim of this cut keep his job as he has been promised?

Right, he can't. Or it could be such a shit job that he wouldn't have it anyway, so everyone's happy right?

Well the powers that be are, and we'll get over it and some just don't care because they're as much of a farmer as Mr. Green Jeans.

The writing's on the wall for farming it seems. When you take a small community and claim they don't care about farming and take it away, then you are a slave to the corporation you sold out to, and believe me, someday soon you are going to wish you had some land to grow those tomatoes to share with family and friends and try to save what's left of your money.

I'm no expert, hell I didn't even take ag. But I understand the importance. People bitch about wanting people to give back to the community. Fruits and vegetables would be nice.

Interesting note: Word has it that kids sign up for ag and other classes and get spanish classes given to them anyway. No wonder the numbers are so uneven.

Look, I'm not blaming anyone around here. I'm sure in an ideal world and economy, the school would love to keep the ag class, the teachers and even have a band with more than 2 dozen kids in it, but when the powers that be are pulling the strings, their hands are no doubt tied to those strings.

As far as another spanish class goes, might I suggest you pick a teacher and teach chinese, then we could at least go over there and get our goddamn jobs back.

The End?