Friday, April 29, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! Superman Denounces U.S. Citizenship!

From the pages of Action Comics #900 comes the news that Superman has denounced his U.S Citizenship, as if that isn't surprising news in itself, the reasoning behind it really is, when faced with the reality of it all.

First, the reasoning from the comic itself: In a short story entitled "The Incident" which finds our hero getting grief from the President's national security advisor, who's pissed that Superman went to Tehran to support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime, which no doubt mirrors for the real-life protests in the Middle East. But, since Superman is viewed as an American icon, the Iranian government sees his actions as the will of the American President, and an act of war.

Comics for years have had storylines that reflect the times and this is no different.

Superman renounces his citizenship, but not America itself, he's just more global now.

And like it or not, this is a trend, but what is it a reflection of?

Superman claims he has been thinking "too small" and the world is more connected now, and it is, so he doesn't need to be tied down so to speak.

The world has gotten smaller thanks to the internet among other things, and not to get political, but maybe America alone isn't the force it once was because those times have simply passed.

"Going global" is a semi new catchphrase and it reminds us not to limit ourselves, but this is tricky when you look at America and patriotism. I'm not saying we're going to do away with Independence day, but what might happen years from now? Will we still sing the same National Anthem at ball games? The very notion that we might not seems preposterous, but I'm sure the idea that kids might not recite the pledge of allegiance in school seemed crazy as well at one time.

Maybe they won't change the meaning per se, but if they bring back the pledge, maybe it'll say "One world" instead of "Nation"

Another theory that I have is with a new Superman movie in the works, they want to make up for the mistakes of the last film, and of course make the most that they can with it at the box office, so in the tradition of G.I.Joe(the used to be Real American hero) and the soon to be released Captain(we're not going to shove patriotism down anyone's throats) America, then with this new film, Superman needs to be "global" although the Superman films weren't really overly patriotic, they now probably want to point out the fact that the film it isn't American at all.

And yet, the wars rage on...