Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oscar Predictions

Ok,first of all I haven't seen or want to see any of the movies nominated. I just do not care. I think the only award winning pictures I've seen are "Network" and the "Wizard of Oz" and The Star Wars series if they won anything for special effects, I really don't know.

I watch a movie to be entertained, and if it doesn't look interesting in the commercial, then forget it.

The reason i'm doing some quick predictions is to see how a completely disinterested outsider fares against hard core movie buffs and critics, and I think this will be unique. So here goes...

1.Best actor-Colin Firth for "The King's Speech" I'm still shocked that that many people seemingly care about historic films. God knows we didn't care about it in high school. Makes you look good though, huh? Wonder if he'll stutter when picking up the award.

2. Best actress-Natalie Portman on buzz alone. I saw the 3 minutes I wanted to see of "Black Swan" I can't see sitting through the whole thing though. It's kinda like getting to sleep with the girl and not buying dinner. As an aside, I can't imagine anyone winning anything for "The Kids Are All Right" been out way too long.

3. Best Supporting actress. kinda tough. I'm thinking Amy Adams mainly cause I think she's cute. Yes, that's my basis here. She could lose out to the girl from "True Grit" though. That'd give the night a real Tatum O'Neal/Justin Bieber kinda feel.

4.Best Supporting Actor-Geoffrey Rush for "The King's Speech" He just will.

5. Best Director-Probably the guy that did "The King's Speech" Come on man, the biggest challenge is the FB movie. no offense.

6. Best Film-Again, "The King's Speech" it's more respectable than "The Social Network"

So anyway, that's my predictions. Again I don't care and I put little to no thought into this. If you love movies, fine. I'm not picking, just predicting I can pick some major winners with only commercials and a couple names out of Entertainment Weekly to get me by.

Just remember, it's not whether you win or lose, but it's that little sticker that says Nominee/Winner that will sell/rent hundred of thousands of dvds and then be forgotten by this time next year (Except The King's Speech")

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